The Island

Where is Prince Edward Island (PEI)?


PEI is located in Atlantic Canada, Just East of Maine. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is cold. PEI is nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and boasts the warmest beaches in Canada. The weather is warm in the summer but without the oppressive humidity that you would find on Long Island.

PEI is physically closer to New York (1350km/840miles) than to Toronto (1700km/1050miles). You can leave New York City on Friday afternoon and be eating a authentic lobster roll for lunch on Saturday.

Charlottetown airport is a 45 minutes drive. The next closest airports are Moncton NB (90 minutes) and Halifax NS (3 hours).

What is PEI famous for?


Scenic Beauty

The island is spectacularly beautiful. Every turn on every road is worthy of a postcard. You will want to just go for a drive to enjoy the majestic beauty. Visitors always comment about how neat and tidy the whole island is and wonder is there is some kind of strict bylaw about curb appeal. Islanders simply take enormous pride in their homes and it is evident from the moment you drive across the bridge.

Anne of Green Gables

PEI’s most famous citizen would have to be L.M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. The red-haired heroine of every little girl’s library, she still appeals to child and grown up alike as far off as Japan.


PEI is also famous for shellfish.   Lobsters, oysters and mussels are an island specialty. In season you can wake up to the lobster boats just outside your bedroom window; think of the anticipation of fresh lobster caught that day. Once you have a lobster fresh off the boat, you will not have them any other way.


Prince Edward Island is famous for the quality and diversity of its golf. In fact, PEI was voted the “Best Golf Destination” in Canada by the readers of SCORE magazine. With almost 30 courses, this small island offers the golf enthusiast an unparalleled variety of challenges, scenery, and sand traps.


PEI has seen a renaissance in the last ten years in terms of dining. The culinary academy on the island is producing award winning chefs who are making full use of the plentiful bounty available from local farms. New restaurants are opening every season that offer locally grown ingredients presented in new and interesting ways.

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