Rig’s Ladder

Stunning Oceanfront Cape House

Fresh and sophisticated, Rig’s Ladder is style and comfort married into a Cape Cod beach house.

On first glance, the comfort is sublime. Your eye is drawn to the views of the cape and the ocean just outside the windows. The smell of the salt air and the sounds of the surf instantly lull you into relaxation the moment you walk through the door. That’s when you start to appreciate the comfort of the home you are in: five beautifully appointed bedrooms, four full bathrooms, living, dining, & family rooms, and the Viking kitchen. 3000 square feet of professionally designed interiors all coming together to help you and your family enjoy the Island and this home.

Stepping out to cook in the outdoor cooking area allows your friends to enjoy a drink, while some play in the pool and soak in the hot tub – while your meal is cooking on the barbecue. Imagine eating in the fresh salt air at the outdoor table surrounded by flowers and overlooking the ocean.

Wander down the private boardwalk over the sand dunes available only for you and your neighbors in this exclusive community. The little ones can play in the freshwater stream that runs across the sandy beach. You will feel like you are on the edge of the world.

Let the ocean, the beach and the Island provide you with a fantastic vacation, and let Rig’s Ladder offer you a place to enjoy and create your memories for years to come.

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